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tranmission leak tester

Transmission Leak Tester

HT 2000

Specialists of Cottingham Engineering Ltd developed an efficient solution for detecting leaks in automatic transmissions using hydraulic pressure. Its main advantage is mobility and capability to check the transmission without removing the unit from the vehicle.

The portable Hydra-Test HT2000 makes it possible for transmission rebuilders to test the hydraulic integrity of the separate transmission elements. With a simple connection, clutch and band operation can be easily checked. Rig testing of the gearbox can save valuable time by excluding additional preparation procedures (removal and ensuing reinstallation of the transmission unit).

To detect any transmission leaks with the help of HT2000, it is necessary to connect a corresponding test plate to the transmission. Then using the flowmeter, the operator carries out a test to specify the leak rate at the piston or servo seals. As the concluding step result, a pass/fail status can be determined on the basis of the results.

LTP 6HP26 plate.png

Test plates

Currently over 80 test plates are available with new solutions in development.


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