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Torque Converter Balancer

The balancer is used for checking the outer shell of a Torque Converters on the subject of uneven weight distribution. Just imagine an unbalanced Converter inside an Automatic Transmission and the harm it may do when rotating at high RPM values and you will understand its use. Transmission services implement these tools to avoid any disagreements with their Customers and ensure high-class remanufacture, though many rebuilders tend to rely on their expertise and produce quality results without them.

Chuck alignment system


Balancer is equipped with three-jaw self-centering chuck with a manual drive used as locking element to accelerate the torque converter installation on the balancer. It allows operator to install torque converters with various diameters of the pilot on the stand without any additional manipulations. Clamping force of chucks is sufficient to lock-up the torque converter during the balancing process and to provide the required accuracy at the final stage of repair.

In case of using adapter sleeves/bushings, there may be some doubts regarding reliability of the torque converter locking and centering, and there is also a chance of a clearance between the bushing and the pilot. The clearance size is a location/positioning error, which subsequently results in inaccurate balancing. 



Purpose: 1) confirmation of the final quality to workshop customers; 2) possibility to provide extended quality; 3) speeding up of torque converter rebuild procedures.

Importance: The tool is not required for remanufacturing torque converters, and because the Hydra-Torque welding process is typically automated (if no manual TIG welding is performed) the possibility of imbalance is very low. However, if the company aspires to provide top quality of operations or does performance products, the balancing machines comes much more of a necessity.

Calibration: It is important to make sure that machine is placed on flat even surface with no inclination. Otherwise, the readings will not be consistent.

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