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piston bonder for torque converters

Torque Converter Piston Bonder

The Hydra-Torque piston bonder comes with a set of adapter plates covering an extensive range of  transmission models. The bonder adapter plates are made of steel which makes it simple to produce additional adapters when required

  • Fast initial heat-up to start off the bonding process

  • Additional adapter plates are easy to make

  • Implemented  technology guarantees energy saving,  up to 500 T/C’s per month

  • Incorporated display shows temperature charts to track condition for particular materials and makes

  • Computer controlled bonding with presets

PB 3.1 -Torque Converter Piston Bonder

This piece of equipment allows Automatic Transmission rebuilders to replace friction layers for various models of Torque Converters. Ordinarily, this friction layer replacement (or friction clutch replacement in modern models) is done in each and every rebuild procedure. To make sure this essential process runs smooth the engineers used infrared thermal radiation characteristic to penetrate deep into the ferrous metal and ensure even heat transfer, vital for a quality remanufacture. Easy pressure and temperature control substantially facilitate finding optimum conditions for particular friction materials.

piston bonder
piston bonder adapters

Accurate Bonding Presets

Our bonder allows operator to select presets for particular producer of friction linings and the heating process and  temperature in the bonding zone will be controlled by computer and will be indicated on the display, which takes readings from the temperature sensor.

For reliable bonding of the friction lining on a steel base it is necessary to maintain the locking under pressure at a predetermined temperature for a time period which is determined in accordance with the schedule of polymerization of the adhesion glue and ranges from 3 to 16 minutes. Each producer has own requirements for perfect polimerization of the glue. These requirements are not secret and are available for users. 


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