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HYDRA-TORQUE HD-400 Transmission Dyno (dynamometer)

With over 2 decades of experience in advanced Valve Body testing, Automatic Transmission testing and Torque converter reman equipment manufacturing we are now proud to introduce our own transmission dyno. 

The Hydra-Test transmission dyno has been designed with your applications in mind. Whether you are doing strictly automotive units, large on or off highway units, or even high-volume fleet units we can tailor a test system that meets your needs and give you the result sand performance you require.


All the shortcomings of the solutions that have existed to this day have been taken into account, the software has been integrated and redesigned, additional modules for the controller of the stand itself and automatic transmission control have been developed to satisfy dyno operator with friendly and technical advanced Software interface.

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KLAM Eddy Current brakes

from 690 N/M for light to 1800 N/M for heavy duty application

NIDEC Test Bench drive

from 40 kW for light to 83 kW with 350 Nm of torque

HTC-S DYNO controller

with full auto test feature. Collects and converts data from dyno sensors.

AXILINE compatible adapters

HTC-S DYNO edition Software pack

ease of operation and customisable user interface




HD-400 Transmission dyno operators control cabinet has all necessary physical controls to run any  transmission test. Nevertheless, we have advanced our HTC-S DYNO Software pack so operator can tune test script to a level when machine will start and finish the test without operators interaction. HTC-S controller unit is used to drive transmission and gather data during the test. We are fully taking on transmission dyno projects with 100% own development. Our team has numbers of successfull integration of HTC-S Controller on transmission test benches produced by 3rd parties. Nowadays, we are taking up custom-built projects to satisfy a wide range of customers' requirements in terms of transmission testing from light to heavy duty industrial transmissions. 



  • Full AUTO test mode allows to control transmission shifting, motor revs and eddy current load with PID regulation option. Our transmission dyno design makes it easy to control the motor and load cells in both manual and automatic modes – via the integrated control system.  

  • In AUTO mode HTC-S Software Package allows to compare gathered data with master data after the test is completed.

  • Easy to understand test results. We graph and allow comparison of data

  • Allows complete simulation of light, medium and heavy duty load operation modes

  • Variable number of load cells available depending on your requirements: AWD, FWD or RWD only

  • ATF tank with integrated heaters to fill your transmission with preheated ATF.

  • For efficient operation, the stand can be equipped with a specialised NIDEC Test Bench drive with power starting from 40 kW and up to 83 kW and 370 N/M of torque

  • Modern ABB VFD (variable frequency drive). 

  • Built-in 12 electronic pressure sensors (25 Bar) . This allows the use of standard hoses for connection to the oil ports of the transmission.

  • HD-400 equipped with powerful pneumatic disk brake. This is an effective locking device, which allows carrying out of tests on the integrity of all components.

  • HTC-S controller has a modular architecture allowing the addition of DAQ channels and controls to meet the demands of your system. With our ever-evolving control software we have the capacity not only tailor a transmission dyno to your demand but also to adapt our control system to a variety of transmission test stands, chassis dynos and engine dynamometers.

  • Forget about difficult and time consuming programming of new units. Our software is user friendly and simple to operate.

  • Ability to smoothly ramps PWM solenoid current between gears needed for later model clutch to clutch units.

  • Pressure Switch Monitoring

  • Premium technical support

  • Compatible with Axiline adapters


Transmission dyno software

The data acquisition and control system (DAQCS) designed on the basis of the HTC-S controller allows receiving and processing of up to 144 input channels of different data types (0-10 V, 4-20 mA, temperature sensors, speed sensors, limit/end switches). Data is read out in high resolution at a frequency from tens to thousands of Hz, depending on the channel type. Intelligent post-processing with flexible user settings ensures a low noise level. DAQCS has up to 52 output channels (PWM, 0-10V, discrete outputs), allowing to arrange the control over different actuating elements: relays, solenoids, stepper motors, DC motors, and air coolers. In addition to classic PID controllers for implementation of closed-loop control circuits, DAQCS allows the use of controllers based on fuzzy logic, as well as proprietary patented solutions.


The intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface has flexible settings, allowing the users to customize it according to their requirements and preferences. The user can easily change the number and type of displayed parameters, colors and labels of graphs of currents and pressures, limits and tolerances of measured parameters.

Transmission dyno software

Gauges Display

- Customizable gauges: Large Numeric, Dial Indicator, Vertical Slider, Horizontal Slider, Graph Display, Rev indicator, Customizable Status Indicator

- Customizable color schemes

- Option to mix all gauges on runtime screen

Calibration Screen - screen for periodic calibration and checking of all sensors


Calculated Sensors (Indicators)

- Create new sensors from existing sensors with mathematical functions.

Example 1: Input speed/Output Speed = Ratio

Example 2: Input RPM/Sqrt(torque) = K Factor

Transmission dyno software

Multiple Display Screens and Tabs

- Create multiple display screens at own convenience

- Switch between any screen and any point in the test script

- Display two screens at the same time on a two monitor setup

Dynamic Gauges Interface

- All gauges and graphs on all screens are independently resizeable, moveable, properties can be edited (mix of metric and US units) as you develop the display screen.

- Drag and drop gauges and indicators, edit the properties of each gauge on the screen as you create each display page.

- Configure graphs for whatever readings wanted per graph (a graph w/just gear ratio, or pressures specific to clutches, or pressures specific to LU). 

User activity data logging add-on

Advanced analytics module and user test result comments add-on

Transmission dyno software 2

Transmission sensor/switch monitoring

- Pressure Switches

- Trans temp sensor

- PRNDL Switch

- Gov Pressure Sensor

- Input/Output Speed Sensors (2 or 3 wire)

- Lever Position sensor (5R110W)

Dyno Control Modes

- Control to a dyno input speed to match a set input speed

- Control to a dyno input speed to match a set dyno output speed (be able to set an input speed limit)

- Control to a dyno output torque to match an output torque

- Control to a dyno output torque to match an input torque (be able to set a torque limit)

Transmission dyno software

PID Controls

- Multiple PIDs for each analog output for each control mode

- Smooth transfer of PID's when switching contol modes while in operation

- PID's are saved and loaded with each test so that different tests can have different PIDs for the same control (necessary for throttle control on an engine dyno).

PDF print generation of test results

7. Notes adding module of performed test - allows to add multiple notes in test graph for operator

3 PC monitors can be connected simultaneously to view data and gauges

Solenoid Control Modes

- Write a table for solenoid control by current

-  Set a desired current to hold the solenoid at in each step

- Linearly ramp current from step to step at a programmed rate

Parallel Lines



We have developed a console upgrade solution so users can easily bring their transmission dynos to the desired modern level of data access and quality control. This operation can be successfully performed with other manufacturers' dynos.

HTC-S allows for easy dyno testing for a big range of US domestic and overseas transmissions with facilitated control of dyno speed, load, and shifting sequences.

Similarly to iterations for HT - Valve Body Test Machine, the graph reading process is straightforward and the software allows for quick comparison of the selected master data (selected by the operator) against the current performance data

Dyno upgrade
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