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Hydra Torque was a division of Hydra-Test LTD (UK) that designed and manufactured various equipment, like torque converter rebuilding equipment and transmission dyno, and also carried R&D and production in electronic components. Later this division was formed in a company and production was continued. Hydra Torque and Hydra Test is a worldwide renowned brands that unite several test equipment solutions intended for top-class Automatic Transmission and Valve Body rebuilding. From mid 1990s and on, Hydra Test products have been supplied to large remanufacturing businesses from USA and Western Europe, international OEM companies, as well as medium-scale and family-owned repair shops from all across the globe.

2017 – Presentation of the new line of equipment for torque converter rebuilding, under the brand Hydra-Torque.


2018 – Launch of the Hydra-Dyno technology, comprising advanced features of conventional Dynamometer, tailored to Clients’ needs.

2022 - Hydra Torque UAB company relocation to Lithuania.

Flagship Products

The Hydra-Test VBT Deluxe valve body test machine allows complete and accurate 

testing transmission valve bodies with the ability to compare against a master valve body. Continuous development of new test plates for new transmission models means you will have the tools to cover the units you service today, and those you will be servicing tomorrow. The precision and flexibility of the machine, the performance and durability of our HTC-S Controller, and our unique software platform allows you to customize tests and duplicate the conditions seen in the vehicle for tests and results you can be confident in.

transmission valve body tester

The Hydra-Torque line of torque converter rebuilding equipment gives you the capability to rebuild torque converters with the accuracy and precision required for today’s modern vehicles. These units are built to withstand years of service and will quickly become the machines that you rely on to get the job done right and on time. With an exceptional price point, a high level of quality, and unmatched technical support they are a value that can’t be beat by anyone in the industry. Hydra-Torque is the clear choice when it comes to torque converter rebuilding.

The Hydra-Test SOL solenoid testing machine allows complete testing and adjustments of solenoids from all major automotive manufacturers. With our growing list of available adapter blocks, we have coverage for the models you are servicing today and those you will be servicing tomorrow. Combined with our solenoid testing version of our HTC-S Controller and our unique solenoid testing software platform, you have the ability to record, compare, and verify solenoid functionality with unparalleled precision and accuracy for tests and results you can be confident in.

 Client reference reviews 

Certfied Transmission Team provides a feedback on usage of Hydra-Torque WS 3.2 Torque Converter Welder.

Clint, ATS Diesel, explains the principles of valve body testing machine operations and provides insight on how to process results data and use you it in a repair shop on a daily operations basis.

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